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Christine Bone

Position/Title: Ph.D. Student
email: cbone@uoguelph.ca

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Christine is a PhD. student researching boar taint under the supervision of Dr. James Squires. Boar taint is an off-odour and off-flavour present in heated pork products from entire male carcasses. It is caused by the accumulation of androstenone and skatole in the adipose tissue. Currently, the swine industry eliminates this concern by castrating all male market pigs. However, castration results in suboptimal growth performance and raises welfare concerns. Therefore, an alternative method of controlling boar taint would benefit both producers and consumers. Christine's research aims to characterize and selectively inhibit the transport and accumulation of androstenone and androstenone sulfate in the adipose tissue as a means of reducing the occurrence of boar taint.