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Mikaela Bamford

Position/Title: MSc by Coursework

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Bachelor of Science, University of Western Ontario (2016 - 2021) 

  • Specialization in Biology 

  • Minor in Classical Studies

Master of Science, University of Guelph (2021-) 

  • Specializing in Animal Nutrition


Advisor: Dr. Wendy Pearson


Current Academics

I am currently enrolled as a coursework MSc student working with Dr. Wendy Pearson. I will be working with Dr. Pearson on in vitro organ experiments focusing on utilizing nutraceuticals and their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to improve the osteoarticular wellness of horses. My major research project will be focusing on the properties of ginger (zingiber officinale), a tropical plant that is notorious for its roots being used as a spice worldwide and its place in traditional medicine (Srinivasan 2017). Under Dr. Pearson's guidance, I will be using porcine cartilage explants and exposing them to an inflammatory stimulus to mimic the physiological conditions of arthritis. A ginger supplement will be prepared by simulating gastrointestinal and hepatic digestion before being added to cartilage explants.




Growing up, I was always passionate about animals, nature, and science. I started working with livestock at a very young age and eventually enrolled in the 4-H Beef Club and Horse Club. During this time I had the privilege of having hands-on experience with local farms and livestock operations, I even had the pleasure of raising my own beef cows for a couple of years. I applied to Western University and completed a BSc in the Biology Department, which allowed me to take courses from a variety of modules such as organismal physiology, genetics, cell biology, and ecology. After graduating I knew I wanted to return to my original passion, animals, and that prompted me to apply to the Animal Bioscience graduate program at Guelph. Owning horses and a dog allowed me to acknowledge the importance of nutrition to health, and how this can be achieved through a balanced diet or supplements. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in animal physiotherapy, where I would be able to share my knowledge and experience in nutrition to assist in the rehabilitation and/or prevention of injuries. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking with my dog, spending time with my horses, and wildlife photography!