Student Success at the PSA 2019 Annual Meeting

Posted on Monday, July 22nd, 2019

ABSc graduate student award winners at the PSA 2019 Annual Meeting (from left to right): Claire Mindus, Mariana Roedel Peixoto, George Hall and Tanka Khanal

ABSc graduate students continue to have great success on the conference circuit this summer. The following students received awards at the Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting held July 15-18 in Montreal.

Claire Mindus (supervisor Prof. Alexandra Harlander)
Student Oral Competition: Animal Well-Being and Behaviour 
Presentation Title: "Use of probiotic bacteria to modulate the kynurenine pathway and feather pecking behavior in laying hens"

Mariana Roedel Peixoto (supervisor Prof. Tina Widowski)
Student Poster Competition: Animal Well-Being and Behaviour
Poster Title: “Effects of prenatal stress on the behavior of different genetic lines of laying hens”

George Hall (supervisor Prof. Gregoy Bedecarrats)
Student Oral Competition: Physiology and Reproduction
Presentation Title: Germ cell dynamics during nest breakdown and formation of primordial follicles in the domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)”

George Hall: Aviagen Turkeys Communication Award for Excellence in Turkey Research

Tanka Khanal (supervisor Prof. Elijah Kiarie)
Student Oral Competition: Metabolism and Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals II
Presentation Title: “Effect of cage type and dietary limestone particle size on growth performance, nutrients retention and long bones quality in Lohmann LSL-Lite pullets”

Congratulations also go out to the many other fantastic presentations given by ABSc students-great job everyone!

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