Prof. Andy Robinson Featured on TVOKids

Posted on Monday, November 29th, 2021

Gabby's Farm

 ABSc Prof. Andy Robinson and his donkey farm were recently featured on the TVOKids agricultural series "Gabby's Farm".

The show follows 6-year old Gabby as she takes a closer look at life on her family farm as well as other farms in Ontario. In "Donkeys", Gabby traveled to Robinson's farm where she learned all about miniature donkeys including how to groom them and of course, feed them treats!

"We have found over the years that having a donkey farm lets you meet a whole range of interesting people", said Robinson. We’ve had unusual requests for a range of things from donkey milk to donkeys for ceremonies. Once in a while it can be a lot of fun. We got a call from TVO and this summer we hosted a video crew shooting a segment of a TVO Kids show called “Gabby’s Farm”. Gabby has done two seasons of educational videos for TVO on different kinds of farming, all of the episodes are pitched at a pre-school level and are an excellent way to introduce kids to a fun take on real (and not so real in our case) farming. And may I just say, Gabby is a trooper. She stoically endures the director’s calls for another take to get the lighting, her expression, the dialogue and the gestures just right. My bit parts were pretty straightforward compared to Gabby’s role."

You can watch the episode on on the TVOKids Preschool channel or the TVOKids website.

Great job farmer Andy!

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